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Exclusive: ViliFi - Common Eyes

Writer: Rachel McKinnie on 5th September, 2012   Photographer: William J. Stasak   
Common Eyes is the new release from Floridian rock act ViliFi, and it’s one that should not be missed. Opening track Sympathy Immediately captures your attention with an array of passionate guitar riffs. This song is a powerful denouncement of a past relationship which serves as a perfect start to the album. What follows is of a very high quality, with songs such as Abide delivering a level of melodic depth rarely seen in modern rock music. For me, this album is  a breath of fresh air amongst the repetitive, manufactured bands currently populating the music scene, and one that brings back an element of the 90s rock scene whilst still sounding refreshingly modern and new.

Tracks like Fine and Price I Have to Pay hark most of all back to 90s Grunge with a sound similar to that of Collective Soul and the supergroup Mad Season; the pounding bass on the latter is a particular highlight. They do this without succumbing to repetitive riffage, and underpin it with original, absorbing lyrics. These tracks are also undoubtedly the makings of an awesome live act, with unrefined emotion running through them. Added to more wistful, hopeful tunes like Hanging on Tonight and Better Days, ViliFi are a rare find and definitely one you should look out for.

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For Fans Of:

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